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Clean Rooms

Surface Renew understands the very nature of what a clean room means. Damage to the structural environment of a clean room can cause imperfections in the production of products causing further future issues.

Surface damage to fixtures & fittings are areas where bugs can hide and spread while particles of surface material can pollute the clean environment.

Surface Renews Technicians understand the importance of these environments and the importance of renewing damage quickly and effectively.

Renewing damaged surfaces will not only make the environment safe quickly, it will also save substantial money and the inconvenience of replacing products while also ensuring no downtime in production.

An example of some of the surfaces which Surface Renew can repair:

  • Specialist Clean Room Wall Panels 
  • Ceiling Tiles 
  • Glass Partitions and Plaster Board Walls
  • Doors and Door Frames 
  • Metal Powder Coated Equipment Racks 
  • Raised Floor Tiles 
  • uPvC Doors & Windows

Start saving money today – Renew instead of replacing costly fixtures.

Don’t just save on money, also save on your time and the inconvenience of equipment downtime.

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