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Retail stores need to impress to attract customers. Design and layout are critical. Damage to shop fronts, counters , changing rooms and washrooms can give the wrong impression.

Why not let Surface Renew revive worn out fixtures & fittings and breath life back into your store while at the same time ensuring continual customers through the door.

Surface Renew can make good all types of hard surfaces and expensive damage to shop front glass and faciades which when left can look unsightly and can cause customers to walk on by!

Surface Renew can compliment a store's image by:

  • Making worn out fixtures & fittings new again 
  • Reviving dulled and scraped floors and doors 
  • Renewing counter tops and tiling 
  • Repairing scratches in glass and mirrors 
  • Refurbishing changing rooms and washrooms

So if opening up a new store and you require that final sparkle or in need of some tender care for worn-out fixtures, why not call Surface Renew today.

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